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How do traffic violations in New York impact commercial drivers?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Uncategorized |

Commercial drivers in New York operate under a distinct set of rules and regulations. Understanding how traffic violations can affect commercial drivers in this state is essential for anyone in the industry.

Like many states, New York uses a point system to track traffic violations. Points can be added for various offenses, from speeding to reckless driving. Commercial drivers incur harsher penalties and can face license suspension or revocation if they accumulate too many points within a specific time frame than non-professional drivers do for the same kinds of infractions.

Increased penalties for certain violations

Commercial drivers are subject to stricter standards and higher penalties for certain violations. For example, a DWI offense that would result in a suspension for a non-commercial driver might lead to a longer suspension or even permanent commercial license revocation for a professional driver. These harsher penalties align with federal regulations and reflect commercial drivers’ greater responsibility concerning the safety of others on the roads.

Impact on employment and insurability

Traffic violations can have a direct impact on a commercial driver’s employment. Employers often review driving records when hiring. A history of traffic violations can be a significant red flag. Even current employers may terminate or suspend employment of their workers based on traffic infractions, primarily if they result in license suspension.

Insurance rates for commercial drivers can also skyrocket following traffic violations. Insurance companies view these violations as indicative of higher risk, leading to increased premiums. This increase can affect individual drivers and the companies they work for.

CDL specific regulations

Commercial driver’s license holders in New York must also adhere to specific federal regulations. For instance, severe offenses like operating a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration level above the legal limit can lead to immediate disqualification from driving commercially. Multiple violations can result in lifetime disqualification.

Commercial drivers in New York must navigate a complex legal landscape, including more significant consequences for traffic violations than non-commercial drivers. Violations can affect their career, financial stability and personal life. Seeking legal guidance can help professional drivers determine how to proceed with their defense strategy in the event that a misstep or misunderstanding has led to a risk of their license being taken away.