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3 times that New York might suspend your driver’s license

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Drivers License Suspension Defense |

Driving is a privilege in New York, not all right. There are numerous requirements that you need to meet to legally drive, and the state can suspend or even rescind your license at any point with the right justification.

There are numerous scenarios that could cost you your driver’s license, including falling far behind on child support. However, most drivers who lose their license to the state lose it because of issues with their driving, not family court matters.

Recognizing the driving behaviors that put driving privileges at risk could help you make better choices when you get behind the wheel. When can New York take your driver’s license from you?

After drunk or drugged driving

Impaired driving charges often have a mandatory license suspension attached, even if you didn’t cause any injuries or property damage.

You will have to temporarily give up your driver’s license after you plead guilty to or get convicted of even a first-time impaired driving offense in New York. Your previous driving record and the consequences of the incident will have a major influence on how long the state suspends your license.

After severe or repeat traffic infractions

New York assigns points to your license for every ticket you receive. If you have enough points, the state might suspend your license automatically. All it takes is 11 points accrued over 18 months to lose your license.

Anyone accused of particularly serious traffic offenses, like reckless driving, could face the suspension of their license for a single infraction if a judge deems it appropriate.

After driving without insurance or a license

If someone causes a crash when they don’t have car insurance, the state may suspend their license. If a driver gets pulled over by the police or causes a crash while they have a suspended license, additional losses of their driving privileges are likely going to be among the consequences that they face.

Protecting yourself from the loss of your license may mean aggressively defending against the traffic ticket or criminal charges related to an alleged traffic violation. Understanding the consequences of New York traffic offenses might motivate you to protect your driving record and your license.