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Is going into labor really an excuse for speeding?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Speeding Tickets |

We’ve probably all heard the story of a man who is speeding recklessly and gets pulled over by the police. He points to the woman in the passenger seat and explains that she’s his wife and she’s in labor. He’s speeding to the hospital.

Often, in the story, the police officer provides an escort to the hospital and the couple avoids a traffic ticket. This is seen as a valid reason for speeding and even reckless driving.

But does it really work like this? Or will the police officer still ticket you and tell you to drive within the constraints of the law, no matter what is happening? This story is so common that it starts to feel like a fable, something that is repeated so much that everyone believes it whether it’s true or not.

You can certainly still get a ticket

This does happen, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get a ticket. For instance, one man called 911 when an officer tried to pull him over, explaining that he wasn’t running from the police, he was just trying to get to the hospital. The officer did provide him with an escort by driving in front, making things safer for others on the road, but still gave the man a speeding ticket.

In another story, the man and his wife, who was in labor seven weeks before her due date, tried to tell the police what was happening after driving 108 miles per hour. The officers said that the man didn’t cooperate with them and they ended up arresting him, meaning he didn’t even get to see his child’s birth.

So, as popular as this anecdote may be, it’s clear that the law is still the law. Even an understanding officer can still give you a ticket. Breaking the speed limit is illegal, even if you have a good reason to do it or you feel that it’s necessary.

What options do you have?

Of course, if you get arrested or get a ticket in a situation like this, it feels like justice hasn’t really been served. You’re not a criminal. You just wanted to do what was best for your family. Make sure you understand all of the legal options you have.