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How to deal with embarrassment after a DWI charge

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Dwi Defense |

We all like to present an ideal picture of ourselves to the world. Usually, we want to be seen by others as successful, responsible and respectable. While everyone has flaws and makes mistakes, we are usually able to keep these downfalls obscured from the general public’s view. However, if you are arrested and face charges for a DWI, this information will be available for anyone to view.

For many people, this can be deeply embarrassing and cause intense feelings of shame. You may despair when wondering how you will ever be able to rebuild your reputation after such a humiliation, and this may even cause feelings of severe anxiety such as anxiety attacks and depression. If you are going through this experience right now, it is important to take a step back and reconsider your situation. The following are some tips for doing so.

Remember that these intense feelings is your ego talking

When you experience intense feelings of embarrassment and shame, remember that this is your ego. It may help to remind yourself that everyone is caring more about how they appear to others than about how other people appear to them. Therefore, while you may feel that the whole world is talking about your DWI, this is an illusion — most people are thinking about their own reputation!

You’re innocent until proven guilty

Being over the limit on a field Breathalyzer test doesn’t mean that you are guilty of a crime. You have the right to defend yourself against this — Breathalyzer tests are notoriously inaccurate. Therefore, you should put your energy into defending yourself rather than into being embarrassed.

You are more than the mistakes you have made

While it’s true that no one is perfect, it’s also true that no one is only as good as their worst mistake. This is a chance to learn from your behavior and work on becoming a better person every day.

Make sure that you protect your reputation by taking early action to defend yourself against a DWI charge.