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Aggressive driving could lead to traffic tickets

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When most New York drivers get behind the wheel of their vehicles, they want to get to their destinations as seamlessly as possible. In some cases, a drive may start out going smoothly, but for one reason or another, a driver may begin to feel agitated. Maybe another traveler is going under the speed limit, or maybe someone cut off someone else. For various reasons, it is easy to become angered while driving.

Though these feelings do not always lead to instances of road rage, they can lead to aggressive driving. You may not consider yourself an overly aggressive person, but it is possible that you have carried out a few aggressive actions before or may even do so regularly without realizing it.

Are you an aggressive driver?

Though your first knee-jerk reaction to that question may be to say no, take the time to consider how you behave while driving. If you carry out any of the following driving maneuvers, you may be more of an aggressive driver than you think:

  • Speeding: Though many drivers go a few miles over the speed limit, consistently speeding can be a form of aggressive driving.
  • Tailgating: Whether it is because you are speeding or another driver is going below the speed limit, you may get too close to the driver in front of you. Tailgating in efforts to make someone else go faster is an aggressive technique.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic: Some drivers may think that weaving around slower-moving vehicles simply allows them to move along faster, but weaving in and out of traffic can be dangerous and aggressive.
  • Not using a signal: In connection with weaving and driving in general, some drivers may not use a turn signal to show they are changing lanes or merging. This can be detrimental because it does not allow other drivers to anticipate action.
  • Excessively using the horn: Though horns on vehicles have a purpose and can be useful, using it excessively can be an aggressive action.

You may sheepishly acknowledge that you have carried out some (or all) of the aforementioned behaviors, but you have never caused an accident so you do not think it is a big deal. However, even if you have not caused a crash yet, it does not mean that you are immune. Plus, officers are constantly on the lookout for violations, and aggressive driving techniques could leave you facing a ticket and have you wondering what to do about it.