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Man faces drug offenses and child endangerment after arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Drug Charges |


Law enforcement in Upstate New York treats drug offenses seriously. Given the ongoing problems with drugs in the state and across the nation, this should come as no surprise. People who are in possession of drugs can face charges depending on how much they have. Those who are charged with selling drugs will inevitably deal with far more serious consequences should there be a conviction. The circumstances of the case will dictate how hefty the penalties could be. Regardless, those who are arrested for any drug offenses must remember to plan a strong defense with help from a qualified attorney.

A 27-year-old man was placed under arrest on multiple drug charges. The arrest was made in the afternoon shortly after 1 p.m. The charges include three counts of selling heroin; drug possession with intent to sell; and possessing narcotics with the intent to sell. The latter two are in the category of a class B felony. He is also accused of child endangerment. The charges came after a combined investigation between several law enforcement entities.

A combination of charges in a drug arrest can make matters much worse than they would otherwise be if they would be made individually. Add in allegations of endangering a minor, and the person can have a long-term criminal and personal set of issues that can have a negative impact in myriad ways. Jail time, fines, issues with keeping contact with a child and more can result if there is a conviction. While the charges are serious, there are always strategies to craft a defense. The entire case should be examined and explored to see what the options are.

A man was arrested for charges related to selling drugs and for endangerment of a minor. The penalties for a conviction can be severe. With everything he faces, he must make certain that he has assistance from a legal professional who is skilled and experienced in assisting those facing drug crime charges as well as child endangerment issues and take steps to deal with the case.