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Woman registers high blood alcohol content level in DWI arrest

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Drunk Driving |


When a person is arrested on drunk driving charges in the Hudson Valley, some of the most important pieces of evidence will be the blood alcohol content level and the field sobriety test. These are terms that most people will have a basic grasp of, but do not completely understand their importance and what they mean to the case, the arrest and prosecution. If a driver is arrested and charged with DWI, there are multiple strategies to construct a defense. Having legal help is one of the most important factors in seeking a satisfactory resolution.

A 31-year-old woman was arrested on multiple charges, including drunk driving. State troopers were called by several witnesses about a driver who was operating her vehicle erratically. It was reported that she had swerved across three lanes. When police stopped her, they stated that they smelled alcohol on her breath, she had glassy and bloodshot eyes, and she could not maintain her balance. She was tested at the police station and registered a BAC level of .41. This is five times the legal limit in the state. The woman was taken for medical treatment and faces several charges.

Being arrested for drunk driving can have a profound effect on a person’s life. There could be jail time, fines, a driver’s license revocation and more. People frequently need their vehicles and their driver’s license to earn a living and care for their families. If the license is lost, this can harm them in a multitude of ways. These are penalties that are stacked on top of the legal issues that often accompany a drunk driving conviction.

While any arrest for drunk driving is serious, there are ways to mitigate them or even receive an acquittal at trial. Perhaps, a treatment program is a viable alternative. It might be that there was a misunderstanding or the testing equipment was faulty. A lawyer can explain all the options and help with a defense.

The woman in this case is facing several charges related to drunk driving. With the allegation that she was significantly over the limit for BAC, the case sounds difficult. However, she does have the right to a strong defense and there are avenues that she can use toward that end. Speaking to an experienced attorney is crucial from the start.

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