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Protections for those accused of drunk driving

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Drunk Driving |


Field sobriety tests are commonly an important part of drunk driving accusations and charges. It is important for individuals accused of drunk driving to be aware that, as is true of all crimes, they have the right to defend themselves against the charges they are facing. There are a variety of significant potential criminal and administrative consequences associated with drunk driving charges so it is important to be familiar with criminal defense protections.

Field sobriety tests that can be challenged can include vertical and horizontal gaze nystagmus; walk and turn; one leg stand; and the driver touching their nose with their eyes closed. Breath and blood tests can also be challenged in certain circumstances. Authorities are required to follow certain procedures for the protection of accused individuals. When they fail to follow required procedures, it may be possible to challenge criminal charges against the accused individual based on a violation of their rights.

Individuals accused of drunk driving can face difficulties related to their personal and professional lives and a loss of driving privileges. DUI charges can result in administrative penalties such as a loss of driving privileges, as well as criminal penalties including incarceration, community service requirements and potential fines. Individuals facing DUI charges can also be left with a lasting criminal record.

There are a variety of methods for challenging criminal charges as part of a strong criminal defense strategy. It is important that individuals accused of crimes, including drunk driving, are aware of these options for protecting their freedom and future.