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Traffic sting results in tickets for several New York motorists

Law enforcement agencies throughout New York have been very aggressive when enforcing traffic laws in the state. There have been many campaigns geared toward improving safety on roadways, and these crackdowns often find many motorists receiving tickets for some type of moving violation.

Recently, the New York State Police ran a three-hour enforcement campaign on Interstate 84. Police issued 110 traffic tickets during this time, including 79 for speeding. Others received citations for not moving over for emergency vehicles, failing to wear a seat belt and also for the use of electronic devices while driving.

Police have stated that they may conduct similar operations in the region again in the future. Those who have received tickets could be assessed points against their licenses, and too many of these points in a certain period could result in the revocation of driving privileges. These tickets often include very costly fines, especially for those drivers caught using handheld cellphones.

In other New York traffic news, a bill has been proposed that would prohibit motorists from using “Google Glass” while they are behind the wheel. These are wearable devices that are like glasses which contain a screen on the lens. Those using the devices may be able to access the Internet at any time, which could be a major problem for drivers.

It can be difficult for law enforcement to know whether or not the motorist was distracted by the device. The glasses have not yet been rolled out officially nationwide, but they are starting to become more common. Seven other states have already issued their own bans, with more expected to follow.

With the penalties for a traffic violation seemingly always increasing, it is important that those accused of one of these offenses offer a strong defense to these accusations. If you receive a traffic ticket in New York, you need to be aware of the potential consequences of a conviction for the offense. Too many tickets in a short period of time could result in the loss of your driving privileges, as well as fines and excessive insurance costs.

You should consult an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney to learn more about your options. An attorney may be able to appear on your behalf, and present a strong defense to the charges that you are facing. There may even be programs available that could potentially allow you to keep the ticket off of your record, in some situations.