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Delivery drivers and traffic violations

New Yorkers know one of the main advantages to living in New York is convenience when ordering food. They know that good food can be obtained fast at any time of day or night.

A common way food is delivered is by bicycle. Unfortunately, complaints about those delivering the food are also common. There are frequent reports of delivery workers riding through red lights, on the sidewalk, or against the flow of traffic.

The issue is not limited to only deliver workers on bicycles. Those using motor vehicles often violate traffic laws by speeding or running red lights.

Delivery Drivers

The reason for this problem is because in order to get food delivered hot and fresh, drivers must take the most direct path. This is not always the path with the safest routes or quietest streets.

Unfortunately, businesses that employ delivery workers are sometimes not concerned with how well they are following traffic laws. Restaurants with delivery as an option make their profits based on the quantity of orders. Their main concern is filling these orders as efficiently as possible.

The restaurants contribute to the problem by putting pressure on their delivery workers to deliver orders as soon as possible, in order to return back to the restaurant and pick up the next batch. Traffic laws are seen as only a nuisance.

Cost of Violations

Additionally, most delivery workers cannot afford the cost of traffic tickets for violating laws. Many report making less than $100 in a typical 12-hour shift. This amount is not nearly enough to cover any potential fines, some of which can cost over $200.

There are current efforts to educate delivery workers about the importance of following traffic laws. Better enforcement is also being contemplated.

However, critics of the efforts say delivery workers should not be the focus of the efforts. They argue that it is the responsibility of the employers to supervise their employees and ensure they are following the law.

Company Liability

Because of this, the critics feel they should bear the brunt of the liability and be held accountable for encouraging their workers to disregard traffic laws to make their deliveries as fast as possible. They claim the restaurants will take the laws more seriously if their bottom lines are threatened.

The New York City Council understands these concerns and is considering giving Department of Transportation Agents the power to issue tickets to restaurants employing the delivery drivers. For example, tickets could potentially be given to restaurants that do not provide safety gear for their bicycle delivery drivers.

An individual who has received a traffic ticket knows the fine can be hefty. An attorney experienced in fighting traffic violation tickets can provide guidance and assist with preparing an appropriate defense.