Aggravated DWI

James M WagmanSkilled Defense in Aggravated DWI Cases

Even a basic DWI arrest can cause serious problems for any driver, but an aggravated drunk driving charge carries extra penalties under New York law. If your blood alcohol concentration was .18 percent or higher, then you face the risk of conviction for aggravated DWI.

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I advise people who have been arrested for aggravated DWI as first-time offenders, repeat offenders or in combination with other criminal charges, such as possession of drugs or hit-and-run accidents. My clients include residents of the Hudson Valley, college students at institutions like SUNY-New Paltz or SUNY-Plattsburgh, and out-of-state or Canadian drivers who got stopped along the New York State Thruway or the Adirondack Northway.

My evaluation of the charges and evidence against you can show the way toward an effective defense strategy. If your blood alcohol concentration doesn't exceed .18 percent by much, you might have a chance to compromise the charge to a simple DWI with lighter penalties.

In other cases, certain details of your traffic stop or arrest might open the door to an argument that there was no good reason to pull you over, or no legally sufficient reason to arrest you. This will normally lead to a significant reduction or dismissal of the case against you.

Even if the evidence of guilt is strong, an experienced defense attorney can do a great deal to protect you from the worst possible consequences of an aggravated DWI conviction. With over 30 years of experience defending drivers charged with driving while intoxicated and related offenses, I know how to keep the focus on the facts that can work most in your favor.

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