Protection From Traffic Violations That Threaten Your Job

With new state and federal trucking regulations added each year, it can be difficult to keep up to date on what threatens you most. As a commercial truck driver, keeping your record clean can make the difference between having a job and not. When sited for a regulation violation you need a lawyer you can trust to make sure it doesn't impact your livelihood.

This is where I come in, James M. Wagman, Attorney at Law. With more than three decades of experience in traffic law, I can help you avoid additional penalties and expensive fines.

Protecting Your License And Your Livelihood

Even though you may be trained to know and understand common trucking regulations, the nuances of these laws can sometimes escape those who are more used to transporting goods than studying the law. Fortunately, I do study the law, and I'm well-versed in the commercial traffic regulations of New York state and the federal government. If you were pulled over while driving through Upstate New York, I can help you defend your rights and license against:

  • Size and weight violations
  • Logbook violations
  • Maintenance violations
  • Equipment violations
  • Hazardous materials violations

When The Stakes Are High

For commercial truck drivers any traffic infraction, whether on or off the clock, may impact your job and livelihood. I use all my experience and resources to make certain all my clients get the representation they deserve and the protection they need. When your job is threatened by a regulation violation I can be there to protect your CDL.

Experienced Help Whether You Were On The Job Or Not

CDL holders and commercial truck drivers are required to report all traffic violations to their employers within 30 days. Don't let traffic infractions while on personal time affect your job.

Contact my office in Catskill, New York, before it's too late and let me work to minimize the damage done to your career. For a free case consultation, call 518-291-4803.