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Helping defendant initiate a defense against drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2015 | Drug Charges |

Various situations or circumstances might cause a New York resident to face drug charges. Depending on the details of the situation and the criminal background of the accused, this could mean serious penalties if convicted. Our law firm understands that drug crimes carry serious consequences and could cause an individual to endure a damaged personal and professional reputation. This is why it is imperative that defendants evaluate the circumstances leading to the charges, determining what defense options are available.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the criminal defense options available to those accused of drug possession, drug sales and other drug charges. Circumstances such as warrantless searches, conflicting stories regarding the permission to search a home, limitations imposed on a search warrant, the details of a traffic stop or search and seizure process could be used to suppress evidence against the defendant.

If it is determined that evidence was unlawfully collected due to an improper search, this evidence could be dismissed. Our attorneys have worked with past clients to successfully dismiss evidence against them, helping him or her to reduce the charges against them and even dismiss the charges altogether.

Our attorneys are skilled at drafting motions to suppress evidence and have worked with past clients to determine whether to file such a motion. Other defense options to consider could include taking a plea bargain. We have helped past clients understand the terms and conditions of these pleas, assisting them with his or her decision whether to take a plea or go to trial.

No matter the severity of the allegations, those accused of drug crimes should be aware of the criminal defense rights afforded to them. To learn more, visit our law firm’s drug charges overview. This could provide general information for defendants, helping them to take the first steps in the defense process.