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Making a defense against drug manufacturing charges

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2015 | Drug Charges |

Residents in New York are well aware that accusations of drug crimes could lead to serious charges and penalties if convicted. Whether it is the accused’s first allegation or if the defendant has a previous criminal record, it is not only essential that a defendant understands the charges and the consequences they carry, but also that defendants develop a criminal defense. Taking this step could help the accused avoid or reduce penalties and even prevent damages to their personal and professional reputation.

If a defendant is accused of manufacturing or cultivating a drug such as methamphetamine or marijuana, they could face felony charges. With regards to charges of drug manufacturing, this occurs when the accused is alleged to be involved in any step of the production process of the illicit product. In addition, when a suspect is accused of selling certain chemicals or specialized equipment, or if they are accused of simply offering to help in the production of drugs, they could face a drug manufacturing charge.

In order to be convicted of drug manufacturing, it must be proven that the accused was in possession of and had the intent to manufacture the illicit product. The evidence offered at trial must prove intent. For example, if authorities recover marijuana seeds, that may not be enough evidence to indicate intent to cultivate.

Those accused of drug manufacturing or cultivation should be aware of the elements of the crime as well as the evidence against them. This could help them with their defense and disprove the elements needed to convict them of the drug crime. This could help them reduce the charges against them or even dismiss them altogether.

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