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You can fight a New York speeding ticket from elsewhere

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2023 | Traffic Violation Defense For Out Of State And Canadian Drivers |

There are many reasons why drivers on New York roads might find themselves cited for a traffic infraction. Perhaps they were unaware that the speed limit changed and they got pulled over while traveling at high over the posted limit as a result. Maybe they made a mistake, like turning the wrong way on a one-way street.

Such offenses often involve New York residents, but those from other states are at higher risk of making driving mistakes based on their lack of knowledge of local roads. Police officers typically cite even those who claim ignorance about their alleged traffic violations, as lack of knowledge isn’t usually a viable defense when it comes to this kind of wrongdoing. Traffic tickets from New York may result in numerous consequences. They can cost hundreds of dollars and can even sometimes lead to incarceration. They will also add points to someone’s license, although the licensing consequences can be different for those who live in another state or possibly across the border in Canada.

Does someone who is facing a major traffic citation in New York have to choose between repeatedly returning to the state to defend themselves and paying the ticket while accepting the expenses involved?

A defense attorney can help handle the ticket

Those accused of violating New York state law won’t always need to show up in court themselves. Those who have a licensed New York attorney representing them could potentially remain where they live and work while their lawyer manages everything for them.

Having an attorney assist in traffic ticket matters is often a beneficial choice, as they have both the knowledge of New York state law and the training necessary to effectively present the situation in traffic court. Even if a statement from the driver is necessary, many times they can arrange for a digital statement or can at least minimize their travel when a lawyer will handle the majority of the ticket defense on their behalf.

Especially if someone lives in an area that has very strict rules for traffic violations or if they drive as part of their job, the possible impact of paying a ticket might be too much to ignore. Realizing that fighting a traffic ticket with the assistance of a legal professional without repeatedly returning to the state can potentially help those who are hoping to protect their driving privileges and avoid expensive fines due to incurring a citation while driving in New York.