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What a New York DWI conviction means for someone’s insurance premium

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Drunk Driving |

Most people understand that driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges in New York will usually lead to licensing consequences that could make them dependent on carpools or public transit for a time. The possible penalties for a DWI also include a jail sentence, fines and license suspension.

Despite the potential consequences, a surprising number of people accused of impaired driving plead guilty to the charges that they face. Their guilty pleas leave them at the mercy of a judge who will determine their penalties. The goal in entering a guilty plea is often to secure a lower sentence, but there is no guarantee of leniency.

Judges can assign the penalties they deem appropriate, and people also have to accept secondary consequences after their convictions. One of the consequences that people tend to overlook until it is too late is how a major traffic violation like a DWI will affect their car insurance premiums. =

One offense will increase costs by more than 50%

Impaired driving has a very strong correlation with severe collisions and tragic traffic fatalities. Therefore, those with a history of impaired driving represent a major risk to insurance companies. Therefore, the premium assessed for the same kind of coverage will increase dramatically.

According to a review of policy costs by Bankrate, the average New York insurance policy costs $2,996 per year when someone doesn’t have a DWI offense on their record. After a conviction or guilty plea, the same coverage will cost $5,306 per year, an increase of 56%!

Those with more than one offense will notice even sharper price increases. In some cases, they may only be able to purchase a specialized high-risk policy that will cost thousands more than their previous coverage.

Insurance costs should influence someone’s response to charges

An individual arrested for a DWI needs to understand the full impact of those accusations if they are to make the most logical and beneficial decision. Once the true financial impact of a guilty plea becomes obvious, many people see the value in working with an attorney to fight back in a criminal trial.

Quantifying the effects of a New York DWI charge with the help of an experienced legal professional can help someone determine the best path forward after an arrest.