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Driver of passenger bus needs criminal defense after hit-and-run

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Criminal Defense |


When there is an auto accident in Upstate New York, there might be a natural response to flee the scene to try and get away to forget it happened. Although doing so is the foundation for an arrest with charges and the accompanying penalties if there is a criminal conviction, many might make that mistake. After being charged with fleeing the scene of a crash – especially one in which there was a fatality, having legal assistance is essential to lodge a strong defense.

A woman who was operating a passenger bus had an accident with another vehicle and fled the scene. The accident happened at approximately 5:45 a.m. when a man was hit by the bus. He later died. Detectives assessed the scene and discovered the identity of the driver of the bus. The woman was located and arrested for multiple offenses including fleeing the scene of a crash with personal injury. The investigation is ongoing.

People who are arrested on these charges are generally not career criminals, but will find themselves confronted with the reality of jail, fines and more. Although they might think they can explain themselves, apologize and hope to move on, it is not that simple. Criminal defense is needed to combat the charges. People dealing with allegations related to a motor vehicle accident need the same kind of competent and experienced defense as those who are arrested for violence and other obvious crimes. Perhaps a plea bargain can be achieved. There could be a reduction in charges. Regardless, a legal defense is vital.

The driver of a passenger bus hit a man in the early morning hours and fled. This was an error in judgment. To avoid the penalties and long-term consequences that can go along with a hit-and-run with a fatality, it is crucial that she contacts a law firm experienced in traffic violations and criminal defense and she do so as soon as possible.