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Couple charged with felony drug sales with cocaine and heroin

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Drug Charges |


With the way drugs are viewed as so problematic in New York State and across the nation, law enforcement is intensely seeking those who might be taking part in selling it to try and put a stop to it. This will lead to an arrest and hefty charges with serious consequences – especially if it is a drug like heroin or cocaine. When arrested on these charges, no matter the circumstances under which the arrest was made, it is imperative to understand the severity of the charges and plan a strong legal defense.

A man and wife were placed under arrest due to allegations that they were selling cocaine and heroin out of their residence. The couple, both 43, were arrested after a search of their home at shortly after 10 p.m. In the search, law enforcement stated they found 10 grams of cocaine, and 186 bags containing heroin, along with items for its packaging, and to weigh it. They are facing a Class B felony charge of possessing a controlled substance intended for sale. Law enforcement states that the investigation was ongoing for months.

In New York, drug laws and a conviction for violating them can result in major, life-changing penalties. People who are accused of felonies related to drugs can be put in jail for an extended period, pay major fines, and have lifelong problems even after they have completed their sentence. Selling drugs like heroin and cocaine carry a negative connotation that people will spend significant time getting beyond. Fortunately, there are strategies that can be utilized to create a successful defense. The investigation could have been flawed, there might be justification to reduce the charges, or the person could have been caught up in a situation that was not what it seemed. No matter what, legal assistance is key.

A man and a woman were arrested on felony drug charges due to possession and sale of cocaine and heroin along with other allegations. Although these charges are serious, they must still have a legal defense from a law firm that specializes in defending those accused of drug sales and similar charges. They should call for help immediately.