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A lawyer is critical when facing charges related to road rage

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Violent Crimes |


When driving in New York, it is easy to become frustrated for many reasons. There could be a driver who was operating recklessly and caused, or nearly caused, an accident. Or, a person might have other things on their mind where anything can set them off, even a driver moving too slowly. Regardless, being charged with the threat of violence or assault in a road rage incident can have a negative effect on a person’s life. As such, a legal defense is crucial.

The stories are everywhere: people who get out of their cars and engage in confrontations with other drivers. Unfortunately, it is only after an incident, when there is an arrest, does the person realizes that it is a real crime and the consequences are just as real.

While many cases just involve drivers yelling at one another and driving away, others do not. People pull out weapons, intentionally crash into other vehicles, commit acts of violence and more. This can compound one criminal charge into several. It can lead to traffic violations that accrue points, lead to fines, an arrest and even jail time. People could even die.

During the summer, there are more people on the road, and this can lead to traffic and frustration. In the winter, conditions may be risky and cause some drivers to drive more cautiously, leading to horns honking, people shouting and possible fights. But, when arrested for a road rage incident, a lawyer who has experience with threat of violence, assault, brandishing a weapon and more can be of assistance in lodging a defense.