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Passenger, 26, faces multiple drug offenses after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Drug Charges |


People stopped for a traffic violation and suddenly find themselves facing allegations of drug offenses might think they have little chance to lodge a successful defense. But, the reality is that there are many defense strategies. Having a lawyer who is skilled at criminal defense is one of the keys.

For example, a traffic stop in Upstate New York led to a man being arrested on several drug charges. The incident began at around 11 p.m., initially due to traffic violations. After the officers made the stop, they believed that they had probable cause to search the vehicle. The man who was arrested, 26, was a passenger in the vehicle.

During their search, police allegedly found significant amounts of heroin/Fentanyl and cocaine. They also found marijuana.

The man faces several felony charges related to drug possession. The possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana are misdemeanors. The driver was also charged with possession of marijuana and was given citations. There were other passengers in the vehicle, but they were released.

When a person is dealing with drug charges, there is a natural inclination to think that there is no way to effectively combat them and the result of the pending case is obvious. That, however, is not true.

People often find a successful strategy to deal with drug charges. For example, the search that yielded the evidence could have been flawed. If, as in this case, there were other people in the vehicle, it is possible that the drugs did not belong to the person who was arrested. Even if the charges are airtight, there is always a chance to get a plea bargain or reduce charges through negotiation.

The passenger in the car was arrested after an investigation, following a traffic stop. The search found multiple drugs, including hard drugs cocaine and heroin/Fentanyl. Although these drug offenses are serious, it remains imperative to formulate a strong defense. A law firm that is experienced in cases involving drug possession and more can help.