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Men arrested for drug crimes after smuggling drugs into jail

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Drug Charges |


Drug offenses can be alleged in unique situations in Upstate New York. While there might be a belief that most drug charges result from a traffic stop, an ongoing investigation or by law enforcement witnessing a drug transaction, there are many other ways a person can find themselves charged with illegal drug activities. Nonetheless, since the penalties can be significant and have serious consequences for the rest of a person’s life, crafting a strong defense is imperative, regardless of the circumstances.

A man who was visiting an inmate found himself under arrest for allegedly passing drugs to the inmate. The man, 34, allegedly passed the 28-year-old inmate the drugs.

When he was arrested, the man was charged with two felonies for promoting prison contraband and selling a controlled substance. The former is a first-degree charge, the latter a fifth-degree charge. The alleged recipient of the drugs was also charged with promoting prison contraband and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Since the former is a second-degree charge and the latter a seventh-degree charge, he only faces misdemeanors.

New York is constantly trying to stop illegal drug transactions. That means that people will inevitably face charges, if they are involved with drugs. This encompasses possession, sale, manufacturing, trafficking and more.

Depending on the level of charges, there can be an extended jail sentence, large fines and a conviction. A conviction will be problematic for the person for the remainder of his or her life, unless they lodge a strong defense, and either have the charges reduced or get an acquittal.

The evidence in the case is often the key. Perhaps, there were errors made when the arrest was made. It could have been a misunderstanding of false accusation. And, this can be dealt with by having assistance from a legal professional.

Even if a person is already in jail, it does not mean that there cannot be criminal activities during that time. If others are involved with allegedly helping with those criminal acts, both parties can be charged.

In this incident, a man was visiting another man who was an inmate in jail. The visitor is accused of trying to smuggle drugs to the inmate. He was arrested, and both men have been charged in the incident. Regardless of the details, they must make sure they are well-represented for their case with assistance from a lawyer who understands drug crimes.