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Woman faces multiple offenses after alleged DWI near school

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Drunk Driving |


One of the most serious allegations a New Yorker can face when charged with driving while intoxicated, is if it is near a school. Those charged will be confronted with enhanced penalties. Not only can a conviction result in a loss of driving privileges, but also lead to jail time, fines and more. As such, with these drunk driving charges, a defense is imperative.

A 33-year-old woman was arrested at a daycare and school when she was believed to be intoxicated as she picked her child up. According to the investigation, she was under the influence when she went to the school. As law enforcement tried to take her into custody, she resisted the officers. She was charged with multiple offenses including a felony DWI, having been convicted of DWI in the previous 10 years, resisting arrest, and breath test refusal.

A drunk driving charge is difficult enough to deal with, but when it rises to the level of a felony along with other allegations like refusing a breath test, the penalties can mount to a significant degree. Not only is there the possibility of jail, but this can negatively impact a person’s life in many ways. Even if the case seems as if there is no strategy to combat the charges, it is still vital to have legal help to craft a defense.

The stigma of a DWI charge when near a school and resisting arrest are severely problematic for this woman. Since she has a young child and is now dealing with a felony charge and other allegations, she must protect herself by contacting a legal professional who has experience in defending clients accused of DWI and other related offenses.