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Massachusetts woman faces drug charges due to possessing heroin

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Drug Charges |


Being arrested on drug charges in New York State can be a harrowing experience for anyone, but when these allegations come for someone who does not live in the state, it can be even more troublesome. The concerns about what will happen will be compounded in such a situation. It is important for anyone who is confronted with allegations related to drugs to understand the serious consequences that accompany a conviction and do whatever possible to achieve a desirable result and avoid the harshest penalties. For that, it is crucial to have legal assistance.

A 24-year-old woman from Massachusetts was arrested for several drug offenses in Upstate New York.

She was stopped in her 2000 Dodge Neon by law enforcement in the early morning hours at approximately 1 a.m. As they investigated, the officers found that she had an active warrant for her arrest. In her possession, she had marijuana and heroin. She faces two counts of felony charges for possessing a controlled substance for the 43 grams of heroin, and a violation for the marijuana.

Because opioids have become so prevalent a problem in society, law enforcement is taking charges related to them very seriously. For people who are dealing with charges related to heroin possession, it is imperative to have legal assistance to examine every aspect of the case from the investigation onward. Law enforcement is required to follow certain rules when investigating a case and, if these are violated, it can be an important point in the defense. Other issues can also help with the foundation of formulating that defense. This can be the basis of a successful result for the defendant.

Since the woman who was arrested is from Massachusetts, it is crucial for her to have legal assistance that is experienced in the New York State setting. A lawyer who is experienced in helping out-of-state clients who are arrested for drug crimes in New York can be the difference in a case and is the first call that should be made.