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Man faces multiple offenses for DWI including Leandra’s Law

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Drunk Driving |


New York State law enforcement is vigilant about trying to stop drivers from operating their vehicles under the influence. These charges carry with them significant penalties including fines and possible jail time. Other problems can come about when a person is convicted of DWI including the loss of driving privileges and problems at work. This can often hinge on the circumstances of the incident, if there was an accident, how high the blood alcohol content level is and more. When a person is arrested on drunk driving charges, having legal assistance is essential.

A 40-year-old man was arrested for several DWI-related charges. At approximately 9 a.m., law enforcement was called to investigate an incident in which a vehicle had driven off the road and there was damage to property. When they arrived, they found the driver – an off-duty corrections officer – with a cut on his head. In the vehicle were two children. They were not hurt. The man was found to have a blood alcohol content that was more than triple the legal amount. He was arrested for DWI and for a violation of Leandra’s Law.

Being charged with drunk driving can be a scary experience. People who are law-abiding and never expect to be in any trouble with law enforcement might find themselves dealing with DWI allegations. While it might be intimidating, that does not mean that a person is automatically guilty. The BAC level could have been misread, there might have been a reason the person appeared to have been drunk, or some other method of crafting a defense could be available. Even if the person made a mistake, it might be possible to have a plea bargain and avoid the worst personal and professional penalties.

A comprehensive defense is important when there are Leandra’s Law allegations and a person who works in a law enforcement capacity is charged as it can have a negative impact on employment. Given the circumstances, the man must make sure he is protected and contacts a legal professional as soon as possible.

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