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Woman faces drunk driving charges after collision with tractor

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | Drunk Driving |


When there is a car crash in New York, one of the first things that investigators will consider how and why it happened. A driver might be suspected of being under the influence, tested and placed under arrest.

When a person is facing drunk driving charges, formulating a strong drunk defense is paramount to avoid the extensive penalties that will be assessed for a conviction. Not all motor vehicle accidents occur between two passenger vehicles. Since there are many different types of vehicles on the road, there can be a variety of different kinds of accidents in various combinations.

An accident between a car and a tractor exemplifies an unusual crash and led to an arrest for drunk driving. The crash occurred at around 6 p.m. as a woman crashed her vehicle into the tractor. The tractor, with a plow attached, was removing snow. The 68-year-old male tractor driver was injured and hospitalized. The driver of the car, a 58-year-old woman, was placed under arrest after the accident. She faces multiple charges including second-degree vehicular assault and DWI. The former is a felony, the latter is a misdemeanor. In addition, she was ticketed for an unsafe lane change and for driving in the center lane.

In any situation involving a DWI charge, it is imperative to have legal assistance. When the charges are significant enough that there is a felony, it is even more important. People who are convicted of felony DWI can lose their driving privileges, face massive fines, and even find themselves in jail. There could have been an issue with the driver in which he or she appeared to be drunk by really was not. A problem with the testing procedures to determine the blood-alcohol content level could have occurred. Even if the driver is found to have been drinking, there could be a chance to have the felony charges reduced via plea agreement. Understanding the options available is one of the keys to a defense.

A woman who ran her car into a tractor that was removing snow was arrested for drunk driving and is charged with a felony. Considering the potential penalties if she is convicted, she must contact an attorney as soon as possible to begin laying the foundation for her defense.

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