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Brother and sister faces drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Drunk Driving |


New York State law enforcement is always on the alert for drivers who might be under the influence. Because drunk driving is considered such a problem and can lead to accidents and death, people who are arrested and charged with driving under the influence must be aware of the penalties and long-term consequences they might face if there is a conviction. A strong drunk defense and a favorable outcome is often contingent on having a qualified attorney to help. Those who are charged must bear this in mind from the very beginning.

A 51-year-old woman was arrested for drunk driving when she went to the police station to pick up her 50-year-old brother who had been arrested for drunk driving himself. According to law enforcement, the brother had a single-vehicle accident. When police investigated, they said that is blood alcohol content level was at .29, which is more than triple the legal limit. When his sister arrived to pick him up, officers stated that she seemed to be intoxicated as well. She was tested and her BAC level was at 0.22, almost triple the legal limit. She was arrested. They were both later released into the custody of a sober person.

Drunk driving cases are not all the same and unusual cases with aggravated DWI often need a legal professional who has experience in a variety of different types of cases. Being convicted of aggravated DWI can lead to harsher penalties than lesser charges. The fines, loss of driving privileges, jail time and more that are possible with a conviction can severely hamper a person’s life not just on the immediate future, but in the long term as well. A lawyer might be able to get the charges reduced, help with treatment in lieu of punishment, or find a way to gain an acquittal.

A brother and sister were arrested for DWI in separate incidents – the brother after an accident and the sister when she went to the police station to pick her brother up. With the aggravated DWI charges and other allegations they face, they must discuss their case with an attorney who understands all aspects DWI and can help them with their defenses.

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