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Off-duty law enforcement officer arrested for DWI, fleeing scene

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Drunk Driving |


No one in New York State is immune to facing drunk driving charges. Even those who are in a position of authority in the state can be confronted by these allegations and the accompanying penalties in the event of a conviction. Any DWI charge must be dealt with aggressively to avoid the worst-case scenario. Having assistance from an attorney from the very beginning is one of the foundational factors in seeking a successful resolution. This is especially true when it is a city employee – particularly a law enforcement officer – who is accused of driving under the influence.

A law enforcement officer was arrested for DWI and leaving the scene of an accident. This was the second time this officer was accused of leaving the scene of a crash in one year. The latest incident occurred at around 5 a.m. when he drove into a utility pole. In the prior incident, he had hit another vehicle and fled. It had happened in May and he was suspended. He was allowed back on duty in October.

In this latest incident, the accident caused damage to a switch gear which led to 35 people losing power for more than three hours. The officer, 31, was again suspended without pay. He now faces charges of DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, and criminal mischief. When he fled the scene, he had left the bumper of his vehicle and the license plate behind. The vehicle was eventually found several blocks away. He was located and arrested.

Being charged with drunk driving can cause significant problems in a person’s life. As this case shows, a person’s job can be negatively influenced if there are drunk driving charges and a conviction. It is important to remember that regardless of the circumstances and the alleged evidence, there is always a way to lodge a defense. For example, if there was a test given to determine the blood alcohol content level, there might have been an issue making the test inadmissible. When there is a traffic stop, it might have been done in violation of police protocol. No matter the situation, it is imperative to have legal assistance from an attorney as a conviction can harm a person’s personal and professional life.

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