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Traffic stop leads to arrest for felony drug charges

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Drug Charges |


New Yorkers might be under the impression that the growing freedom across the nation to possess and use marijuana means that there is a reduction in the intensity with which law enforcement addresses it. In New York, the drug remains illegal meaning that those who have it can face drug possession charges and those who are selling it could face intent to distribute charges. These can rise to a felony if there is enough of the drug in possession. For people who are arrested for drug crimes related to marijuana, legal help is a must.

A man was arrested for multiple drug-related charges after a traffic stop. Law enforcement officers saw a vehicle go through a stop sign and stop beyond the crosswalk in the intersection. They stopped the vehicle and investigated. A 27-year-old man was driving the vehicle. They found that the man was driving with a suspended driver’s license. In addition, there was a strong smell of marijuana in the vehicle. Officers found two baggies with slightly more than a pound of marijuana in the vehicle’s trunk. The man was arrested for second degree possession of marijuana – a D felony; and a misdemeanor for driving without a license.

Simply because there is a belief that marijuana is not treated as seriously as it was in the past does not mean that there will be diminished penalties for a conviction if someone is involved in selling the drug. Because a drug conviction can have such significant and long-term consequences on a person’s life, it is essential to formulate a strong defense from the start. It is possible that a traffic stop was made unlawfully. The search could have violated the person’s rights. There could be a chance that the charges will be reduced. Having legal assistance is imperative with any drug offenses, including marijuana.

In this case, a driver was arrested after a traffic stop when he was found to have a large quantity of marijuana. He was also driving without a valid driver’s license. With the penalties for a conviction, he must craft a strong defense with help from a qualified attorney.

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