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Taxi driver arrested for DWI and other charges

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Drunk Driving |


For people who are faced with drunk driving charges in the Hudson Valley, the defense is one of the most important factors in resolving the case in a positive way. There are a litany of issues that accompany being arrested for driving under the influence and all must be factored in. In some cases, the driver uses his or her vehicle for work and a DWI with its penalties can cause extended problems in a person’s life that go beyond jail time, fines and more. Because of that, contacting an attorney as soon as the arrest is made is imperative.

A taxi driver was arrested for drunk driving in the mid-afternoon. Law enforcement was contacted with reports that the taxi was moving in an erratic fashion and investigated. They went to the taxi office and interviewed the 51-year-old driver. He was found to be driving without a license to drive a taxi in the area and showed signs of intoxication. He was arrested. At the police station, he was given a test to determine his blood-alcohol content and it was found to be .23 percent. This is close to three times the legal limit. In addition, his New York State driver’s license was suspended while he was driving.

Drivers who are arrested on drunk driving charges will inevitably be worried about their future and the future of their driving privileges, particularly if they drive for a living. Before panicking, they must realize that there are multiple avenues to lodge a defense. For example, the investigation might have been tainted by mistakes on the part of law enforcement or there could be a reasonable explanation for the accusations. A defense should examine the entire case from top to bottom to determine whether it was a viable arrest. Even if it was, there are still options to form a strong defense.

In this case, a taxi driver was arrested on multiple charges including driving without a license, aggravated DWI and more. Since he makes his living driving a taxi, it is vital that he seek legal counsel as soon as possible. This is the first call he should make to begin laying the foundation for a defense.

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