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Taking steps to invoke a criminal defense strategy

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Whether it is a traffic offense, a misdemeanor or a more serious criminal allegation, defendants should understand their rights and options following a criminal charge. The law firm of James M. Wagman understands that defendants can be wrongfully accused or improperly charged. This is why defendants should seek to protect their rights and invoke a defense strategy that could help them reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

Our attorneys have represented New York defendants accused of a variety of traffic, misdemeanor and felony charges. Whether it is a violent crime, drug crime, property crime, a juvenile offense, theft, DUI or traffic offenses, our law firm is familiar with the state laws and methods to protect the rights of suspects and accused offenders.

Navigating the legal defense system is difficult for defendants whether it is their first allegation or if they have a criminal background. It is our goal to ensure defendants are aware of their options. We have a history of successfully representing criminal defendants in their endeavor to reduce their penalties and even dismiss charges against them.

Criminal charges can carry serious consequences such as hefty fines and jail or prison time. An accused individual should therefore understand what steps to take to ensure their rights and interests are protected and preserved. Our law firm’s criminal defense strategy overview could be a great starting point for defendants and their loved ones to gain more information about their situation. Moreover, this could help them take appropriate and timely action to serve their best interests regarding their defense.