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New York cardiologist charged with conspiracy to commit murder

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Violent Crimes |

Criminal allegations could stem from different events. In some cases, defendants might be accused of committing serious and even violent crimes that relate to their occupation. In these matters, even a simple accusation could greatly harm the accused’s personal and professional life. This is why it is important to make a timely defense against serious allegations, allowing the defendant to clear their name and reduce or avoid penalties and consequences related to the criminal charges they face.

A suburban New York cardiologist was recently charged with crimes in connection with a failed scheme to seriously injure or kill another physician. According to preliminary reports, police allegedly located roughly 100 weapons at the home of the cardiologist. This supposedly included hand grenades, high-capacity magazines and knives. Furthermore, officers claim that many of these weapons were discovered in a hidden room that was behind a switch-activated bookshelf.

Investigators began looking into the cardiologist back in December during a routine undercover investigation of the sale of prescription drugs. During this operation, investigators claim that the doctor not only sold them heroin and oxycodone pills but also semiautomatic assault weapons and ammunition. Furthermore, authorities claim the cardiologist gave an informant and undercover detective cash for the assault and killing of a fellow cardiologist.

This led to further investigation and the arrest of the cardiologist and two named accomplices for conspiracy to commit murder. The cardiologist was charged with criminal solicitation, conspiracy, burglary, arson, criminal prescription sale and weapons charges related to the plot to kill a rival cardiologist on Long Island.

When a defendant faces multiple serious and violent criminal charges, it is important to make a timely criminal defense. Further investigation and defense methods could help dismiss evidence against the accused, resulting in reduced or dropped charges. Those facing criminal charges should consider learning more about possible defense options and legal rights afforded to defendants.

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