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New York restaurant owner faces several misdemeanors

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2014 | Misdemeanors |

When individuals face criminal charges, they often consider their defense options. This is especially true when the allegations they face are damaging their personal and professional reputation. While misdemeanors are considered lesser crimes than felonies, defendants should still take these charges seriously. The consequences misdemeanors carry could impact the defendant’s life greatly, even if a conviction is forthcoming. This is why it is important to promptly and adequately address the issue by devising a strong defense.

According to reports, a restaurant owner in Port Chester was recently charged with multiple misdemeanors. Reports indicate that the woman was faces accusations of failing to pay both minimum wage and overtime pay to her former employees. It was alleged that she failed to pay more than $35,000 to her employees in legally required wages since the opening of her business in 2010.

If the defendant is convicted of these charges, she could face a maximum of one year in jail and fines that could reach up to $5,000 for each count. These penalties could seriously impact the defendant personally and could severely damage her business and the ability to keep it afloat.

In these matters, it is important that the defendant fully understand the charges against him or her, and the consequences that could follow. Conducting further investigation and gathering the details of the charges could help in presenting a defense, which may reduce or dismiss some or all of the charges.

Whether challenging the prosecution’s evidence, or arguing it failed to make its case, defendants should understand their legal defense options. For some, it can be challenging to navigate the legal system, especially if multiple charges are involved. Seeking guidance can help address the issues and ensure one’s rights are protected.

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