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Understanding options when defending criminal charges

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

Facing a criminal charge should never be taken lightly. When defendants in New York endure criminal accusations, their life could be impacted no matter the results of the case. Our firm understands that criminal allegations can be just as harmful as a conviction. Even if criminal penalties are not endured, the accused’s personal and professional reputation could be severely damaged. By taking action and devising a defense strategy, the suspect could reduce or eliminate penalties and consequences.

Whether they are accused of a violent crime, felony, misdemeanor, drug crime or a criminal traffic violation, a defendant should understand their rights in the situation. A defendant’s past criminal record and the details of the crime could greatly impact the harshness of the penalties they could face.

Furthermore, understanding the defense process not only ensures their rights are protected but also allows them to take legal action. In some cases the charges could be very complex. Being able to sort through the details of the criminal charges will help the defendant devise a criminal defense. This will assist them with the investigation of their case and other steps in the criminal defense process.

Following an arrest, defendants might not fully understand the seriousness of the situation or the options they might have. Whether this is their first criminal charge or not, the accused should educate themselves about their situation and options available. Our firm’s criminal defense overview could help put their situation into perspective and give them an insight on a possible criminal defense. This could help them put forth a stronger defense and help them reduce or dismiss the charges against them.