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How do you use a plea bargain to your advantage?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

When defendants in New York are facing a criminal charge, they often consider not only how the charges will affect them but also how they can avoid any penalties. Depending on the crime they are being accused of, the suspect could implement a defense strategy in order to avoid any consequences and a damaged reputation. When assessing possible defenses against the criminal allegations, a defendant might consider a plea bargain, but they might not fully understand how to do it and how it could affect them.

With regards to a plea bargain, defendants should be aware that this defense option means agreeing to plead guilty. In doing this, the defendant may be able to take a lesser charge and reduced penalties. The defendant should be fully aware that this also means taking on a criminal record, which could impact them personally and professionally.

Some might question why a defendant would agree to plead guilty and take on a criminal record. In some cases, the charges against the defendant are serious and the defendant fears that they do not have a strong defense. If they decide to go to trial and fight the charges, they might be convicted of the original charges and face harsh penalties. A plea bargain may allow the defendant to avoid a more serious charge and the consequences it carries.

Furthermore, making a plea bargain could also reduce the number of charges placed against the defendant. A single event could result in numerous charges against the defendant. While going to court could still reduce this number, a plea bargain could allow the defendant to face fewer charges without taking their chances with a judge or jury.

Making a defense against a charge could be a complex, emotional and difficult event for a defendant. The process should not be taken lightly and the defendant should be well informed about their options. This will ensure their best interests are served and their rights protected.