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Newburgh police search for armed robbery suspect

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Violent Crimes |

Police in Newburgh, New York are looking for a man in his late 20s or early 30s. According to police, the man is wanted for an armed robbery. Reports allege that the manager of a local ShopRite store called police after the manager and the store employees were tied up while the store was robbed.

The manager says the alleged robber was in the upstairs area of the store. This area of the store is apparently off limits to the public. Employees claim that the man was waiting for them in the upstairs office of the store. The manager says that the alleged robber used a handgun or revolver to force the manager to open the store’s safe. The manager and three other employees were then tied up. The alleged robber was in the store for an hour after tying up the employees before he left.

The police claim that the man took lottery tickets and an undisclosed amount of cash from the store before escaping. Police have also claimed to have spotted the suspect near another local store, but the man fled on foot before he could be apprehended by officers.

If this person is caught, he could face serious charges for armed robbery. Armed robbery occurs when a weapon is used to take property from another through the use of force in the other person’s presence. The penalties for armed robbery can be serious and include fines, restitution, prison time and probation. These charges can follow a person for years following the allegations.

However, those accused of robbery — especially based only on eye witness accounts — should know that they have legal rights. Witnesses can make mistakes and people can be wrongfully accused. People should know that they can fight the charges in court by presenting evidence of their innocence. Furthermore, alleged suspects can negotiate with prosecutors to reduce penalties. In any case, it is helpful for those being accused of a violent crime to know what options they have following an arrest.

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