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Helping you devise a strong defense against criminal allegations

Dealing with criminal allegations could easily be described as being life altering and devastating. Those accused of a crime, no matter the severity, can endure much impact to their life even before setting foot in court. A defendant's personal and professional life can be so severely impacted that the person may not have a community or a job to return to even if the individual is not convicted of a crime. When facing such serious criminal charges, a defendant may feel defenseless; however, even the most severe charges have a criminal defense available.

New York DMV employee faces felony charges

Those facing criminal charges stemming from the person's place of employment will likely face additional consequences. Even if the criminal charges do not result in a conviction, it is likely that the defendant will suffer consequences due to the allegations. If the workplace of the accused is a party of the criminal action, it is likely that the defendant will no longer have a place of employment. Moreover, the person will likely suffer damage to their personal and professional reputation, making it difficult to move past these criminal allegations.

Grounds for a criminal appeal

Facing a criminal charge can be a challenging time for individuals in New York and elsewhere. Even more so, facing a criminal conviction can be life altering for criminal defendants. Enduring the consequences associated with a criminal charge does not only mean facing the penalties associated with the crime but also means facing the personal and professional consequences that can result. Even if an accused offender is convicted of a crime, the person should understand that this is likely not the end of their criminal defense options.

How mandatory minimum sentences impact accused offenders

For many New York residents, it is clear that some criminal offenses carry more serious penalties. While it is reasonable to assume that serious offenses could result in harsh penalties, some low-level offenses unfortunately carry with them long-term consequences that many have argued are unfair. Due to the large number of offenders serving long sentences for low-level offenses, in states such as New York, a movement to reform certain sentencing laws was initiated.

Alternatives to detention for juvenile offenders in New York

When a minor is arrested, this is not only a concerning time for the young offender but also his or her family members. There is not only the concern that the minor will have a juvenile record but also the fear that the minor could be charged as an adult. Therefore, it is essential to consider the options available to juvenile offenders, ways to mitigate his or her situation and the criminal defense options available for juvenile offenses.

What are the benefits of a defense plea bargain?

When defendants are arrested and charged with a crime in New York, they will likely attempt to initiate a criminal defense plan to reduce the impact the criminal charges could have on his or her life. While it is ideal to have the charges reduced or dropped as a result of their defense action, this is not always possible. In addition, if a defendant has a criminal history, it is likely more challenging to reduce the penalties through a criminal defense action. Therefore, some defendants consider alternative options, such as negotiating a plea bargain.

New York City Council proposes legislation for minor offenses

While residents of New York are aware that serious criminal charges have the tendency to carry harsh penalties, they are likely unaware of the possible outcome minor offenses could have. In some cases, outdated state laws cause offenders to endure serious penalties for criminal charges that do not equal the imposed punishment. Because of that, legislatures work to adjust these laws, allowing for fair punishments. Nonetheless, if a defendant believes that they are being wrongfully charged or sentenced, there are criminal defense options available to them.

Sealing a criminal record in New York

Today, it is not uncommon for New York resident to undergo a background check. While this process frequently reveals minor violations, for some residents, this could expose a criminal history that could make it difficult for an individual to obtain a job, housing or even financial aid. Because of that, offenders might take steps to reduce the impact a criminal record can have on their personal or professional life.

Navigating potential criminal defense options

Facing criminal charges, no matter the severity, is always a serious matter. However, some defendants believe that if there are allegations against them and the state is making a strong case against them, there is little they can do. This is a common misconception, and no matter what a defendant is accused of, defendants are able to exercise their right to a criminal defense.

The pros and cons of plea bargaining in a criminal case

When New York residents are accused of a crime, they often considers what criminal defense options are available. While going to trial and fighting the charges could be the most suitable option for a defendant, the option of plea bargaining may get overlooked. While many fear that negotiating a deal could put them in a worse position, there are several benefits to consider when deciding whether to go forward with the plea bargaining process.

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