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Traffic Court finds woman not guilty in Google Glass case

In a previous post we wrote about a traffic case involving Google Glass. Though the case was pending in another state, because the technology behind Google Glass will likely impact individuals throughout the nation, including those who live in the state of New York, its outcome is of interest to many. In this post we provide an update on the case.

Technology outpaces many laws

Technology is developing at a pace that is hard to keep up with. With that rapid development, it is not always clear how laws in New York State or elsewhere in the nation will be applied. A case developing in another state highlights the difficulties that could be encountered when current laws are not designed to address new technology. The case, occurring in California, involved Google Glass, the wearable computer that is currently in development by Google.

Is anonymous tip cause enough for traffic stop?

For many in the state of New York, the only interaction they will likely ever have with law enforcement is in the form of a traffic stop which might lead to a ticket and perhaps points on their license. These stops are usually the result of activities police officers see with their own eyes that violate the traffic laws. In some states this is not the only time that they will pull over a vehicle however. Sometimes police will make a traffic stop based on reports of dangerous driving from other motorists, without witnessing it themselves. Currently the matter is handled differently in both state and federal courts throughout the nation.

Speed cameras to be erected at locations in New York City

A new tool designed to help keep New York City drivers from speeding recently became part of a law set to take effect at the end of this month, on August 31. The law enables the installation of speed monitoring cameras at certain locations. The available cameras are slated to be placed throughout the city in areas where signs indicate it is a lower speed. The addition of the cameras is a bit of a test. It is being called a pilot program and is slated to continue for a total of five years. During this time information regarding the matter will be collected.

Violation of New York's move over law leads to fines and points

There are many things a New York driver might do while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle that could leave them facing the consequences of a traffic violation. One of those is the failure to move to the side of the road when an emergency vehicle is coming through. The law, which has been in effect in various forms since the beginning of 2011, is designed to keep rescue workers who are on the road, safe. In addition to pertaining to law enforcement, fire and medical rescuers, recently, tow trucks were added to the list of vehicles that must be pulled over for.

Governor's proposed traffic laws approved by legislature

In a previous post we wrote about changes to New York state traffic laws proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Since that last post there have been some developments, namely that the State Legislature has agreed to the framework of the budget presented by the governor. The proposed laws affect several different types of traffic infractions including speeding.

Traffic stop for speeding grows to something more for assemblyman

Speeding is one of those crimes that anyone who drives can find themselves facing. As any driver knows, it is all too easy as one drives down the road to let the speed creep up to a point where it is above the posted limit. Sometimes it is much higher that the driver realizes. The recent traffic stop of an assembly man from Hudson Valley illustrates how anyone who is driving can find themselves being pulled over.

New York Governor proposes changes to traffic laws

Inattentive driving is one of the biggest causes of auto accidents throughout the nation including in the state of New York. Because these crashes can be so devastating, state authorities, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo are doing what they can to try to discourage behaviors that constitute distracted driving.

To avoid traffic tickets on trips to NYC, read the new signs

It is difficult to follow the rules of the road when those rules are not clearly laid out. Just as teachers post large, colorful signs in their classroom to remind students of expectations, so do large, colorful traffic signs serve to remind drivers of what the law expects of them. So many New Yorkers receive repeat traffic tickets simply because inadequate signage contributes to speeding and other violations.

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