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Five suspects arrested following assault and robbery in Brooklyn

As a previous post in this blog discussed, charges related to theft could result in serious penalties. If a criminal charge is raised to an armed robbery charge because a deadly weapon was used in the commission of the suspected crime, the accused could face harsh consequences.

Understanding the serious penalties for armed robbery

The accusation of theft can be serious. In fact, individuals in New York that are suspected of the unlawful taking of property could face serious penalties. Even more so, the accused offender could face even more severe consequences if they are charged with armed robbery. Unlike theft, armed robbery requires the application of threat or force, which causes this criminal charge to carry with it serious penalties, usually because the offender used a gun or a knife.

What are the penalties for a domestic offender owning a firearm?

As a previous post highlighted, a domestic dispute could result in criminal charges. A person accused of domestic violence can face serious penalties. In addition, the defendant could lose the ability to sped time with the other party involved in the dispute as well as any children involved. Whether this is a family member, spouse or a significant other, a violent change such as a domestic dispute charge could carry serious penalties. In addition, a person convicted can face harsher penalties if the person is found in possession with a firearm.

Asserting a criminal defense against domestic violence charges

Being accused of committing a crime against a family member or a love done is not an easy situation to be in. It is likely very complex and heated with many emotions. Nonetheless, a domestic violence charge can carry serious consequences against an accused offender. The sensitivity and nature of this criminal charge might make it difficult to navigate and work through, but this doesn't mean a defendant should not take assertive steps to initiate a criminal defense action.

Addressing domestic violence charges in New York

Loved ones get into disputes from time to time. While these might be minor fights that only involve some verbal exchanges, others can evolve into more heated arguments that involve physical altercations. Whether it is between spouses, significant others, siblings or other family members, domestic violence could transpire into serious events that could harm a loved one, resulting in another facing criminal charges for a violent crime.

FBI report shows small increase in violent crime

As a previous post highlighted, convictions for gun crimes can carry serious penalties. Moreover, if a gun is used in the commission of a suspected crime, the accused could receive added years to their sentence if they are convicted of the underlying offense. Because crimes involving deadly weapons such as firearms could result in severe consequences, defendants in New York and elsewhere should understand the options available to them to try to reduce or avoid these penalties.

What are the penalties for the criminal use of a firearm?

Violent crimes, such as an assault or battery, can result in serious penalties for a defendant upon conviction. However, individuals often respond with such actions in self-defense, or when defending another person or their home. Moreover, an individual might use a firearm in self-defense. Despite the fact that a person is using a weapon for protection, it might not be readily apparent that it is being used for self-defense; therefore, an individual could be changed with a gun crime if authorities presume that a firearm was used in the commission of a crime.

How do you make a self-defense claim in New York?

New York residents who use physical force against others as a form of protection, when necessary to defend against possible physical harm, could result in the individual facing a criminal charge. However, if the accused believes that such force was required and reasonable, a self-defense claim could be asserted.

Making a criminal defense plan against violent crime charges

When an individual threatens, offends or otherwise puts a New York resident in a potentially harmful situation, it is a possibility that people will respond with physical action. While the conditions of the situation will cause an individual to respond differently, when people react with violence or a threat of violence, they could face criminal charges for these actions.

Assault in the first degree and defenses available to defendants

When New York residents are accused of a crime, certain elements of the crime must be proven to convict the accused of the alleged crime. With regards to an assault charge, the defendant must meet the basic requirement for the crime in order to result in a conviction. And while violent crimes such as assault could carry serious penalties, these could be avoided if the accused is able to prove that intent to carry out the alleged crime did not exist.

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