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How are plea negotiations used as a criminal defense?

When individuals in New York are accused of a crime, they often seek to resolve the case through legal defense options. This could help defendants not only reach a timely resolution but could also help the accused avoid serious penalties, especially if the criminal defense process helps the defendant reduce or dismiss some or all of the charges against them. While being cleared of all charges is often desired, for some, it is not always an obtainable route or one that meets the defendant's best interests. Whether it is because of the accused's criminal background or his or her desire to avoid a lengthy and costly trial, the plea bargaining process might be the best option.

Understanding criminal defense options and strategies

When residents in New York are accused of a crime, one of the first things they consider is how they will get out of it. Making a strong defense against criminal charges is an important step. Not only could this help them reduce the charges and penalties they could face, but it could also result in dismissed charges and avoided consequences.

Taking steps to invoke a criminal defense strategy

Whether it is a traffic offense, a misdemeanor or a more serious criminal allegation, defendants should understand their rights and options following a criminal charge. The law firm of James M. Wagman understands that defendants can be wrongfully accused or improperly charged. This is why defendants should seek to protect their rights and invoke a defense strategy that could help them reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

What is drug court and how does it help New York defendants?

Facing a drug crime usually means facing serious penalties and consequences. But an offender convicted of a serious drug charge may not always face a prison sentence. The details of the crime and the criminal background of the accused are put into consideration when placing offenders into a detention alternative program such as drug court.

The use of a child to commit a drug crime, penalties and defense

Drug charges are often considered a serious situation, and as last week's post for this blog pointed out, drug crimes could involve children. When residents in New York are accused of drug possession, the penalties they could be looking at are often harsh. The circumstances surrounding the crime and charges often determine the potential consequences they could face.

Boy brings cocaine to preschool; New York dad faces charges

The impact of a criminal charge can be grave. They not only affect the reputation of the accused, but they could also greatly impact their personal and professional life. Loved ones could be harmed in the process, and a defendant's life could be damaged regardless if they are convicted. This is why it is crucial they take immediate action to construct a defense strategy in an effort to avoid some of the harshest consequences.

What are the long-term consequences of a criminal record?

Facing criminal charges is a difficult situation to deal with for defendants in New York and elsewhere in the nation. Not only do the allegations create hardships such as a damaged reputation, but past convictions or a conviction on the current allegations could have long-term impacts that could be worse than the penalties they could or will face as a result of the criminal charges.

Making a defense against drug manufacturing charges

Residents in New York are well aware that accusations of drug crimes could lead to serious charges and penalties if convicted. Whether it is the accused's first allegation or if the defendant has a previous criminal record, it is not only essential that a defendant understands the charges and the consequences they carry, but also that defendants develop a criminal defense. Taking this step could help the accused avoid or reduce penalties and even prevent damages to their personal and professional reputation.

Criminal defense strategies to protect a defendant's rights

When residents in New York are accused of a crime, they may not only think about the potential impact the accusations might have on their personal and professional lives, but they might also be concerned about the penalties and consequences they could endure if convicted. The best way to reduce the impact of criminal allegations or a criminal conviction is by devising a strong criminal defense strategy.

New York driver of disabled car faces drug charges

When New York residents travel by car, they face several potential risks. In most cases, this is either an accident or being pulled over for a traffic violation, but most do not consider facing drug charges after a traffic stop. No matter the location or timing of a drug charge, defendants should understand the circumstances of the stop, search and arrest could help with their defense against the changes.

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