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Helping you prepare a defense against misdemeanor charges

Being stopped by the police is never a joyful event for motorists in New York. While a driver is likely aware if he or she had been speeding or committed any other simple traffic offense, it can be less clear to some drivers why exactly they were pulled over. During any traffic stop, officers are collecting information to help them charge a motorist. Whether it's a simple traffic violation or a misdemeanor traffic offense, a traffic ticket can carry with it serious consequences.

Understanding the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony

Being accused of any crime is a serious situation for individuals in New York and elsewhere. Whether is it considered a minor or major offense, those suspected of a crime should take criminal accusations seriously. Moreover, it is important to understand the situation at hand, the crimes faced by the defendant and the potential penalties the accused can endure.

Helping individuals make a defense against misdemeanor charges

While it is clear that serious criminal charges, like felonies, carry harsh penalties if a defendant is convicted, lesser chargers should be taken just as seriously. Much like a felony charge could impact the personal and professional lives of the accused, a misdemeanor charge could just as easily affect the life of a defendant if he or she is convicted. Because of that, it is not only important to fully understand the charges faced but also what criminal defense options are available to the defendant given their specific situation.

New York lawmakers seek mandatory phone scans after accident

When a police officer stops a driver, the driver is likely used to the line of questioning that follows - do they understand why they were stopped? In most cases, a driver understands the traffic violation the officer might have observed. However, this is not always clear to a driver, especially when they believe they were driving safely and following the rules of the road. In contrast, following an automobile accident most drivers are not familiar with the line of questioning they will face because it is likely their first accident and they are dealing with the emotional aftermath of the crash. Nonetheless, police officers will likely ask several questions and even request to search the driver and even their vehicle. In these matters, drivers should understand their rights.

Understanding the impacts a gross misdemeanor could have

When drivers in New York face driving violations, they often assume that these lesser charges will not significantly impact them. While a speeding infraction could result in just a warning or a citation that carries just a fine, other traffic violations could result in a driver facing more serious criminal charges. In fact, depending on the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop, a driver could be charged with a misdemeanor.

Can the failure to pay child support lead to misdemeanor charges?

When divorced or separated parents in New York and elsewhere encounter financial trouble, they do not often consider the possibility of facing criminal charges in these situations. However, when child support is ordered following a divorce or split of an unmarried couple, obligations are placed on the parent required to pay support for their child or children. Moreover, the failure to pay child support could result in a parent being charged with a misdemeanor.

Helping New York residents make a defense against misdemeanors

While the act of driving is considered a privilege, it is often treated like a necessity for many New York residents. Whether an individual drives for a living, requires a car to get to their job or relies on a vehicle to get around, losing the ability to drive due to a criminal traffic violation could disrupt a person's personal and professional life.

New York man charged for driving with a suspended license

Driving without a valid license could carry serious penalties for the driver. Depending on the reason for the traffic stop, whether the license was suspended or revoked and if the driver is a repeat offender, this could result in a misdemeanor charge. It is important that the driver understand everything surrounding the traffic stop and the potential charges. This could help in the defense process.

Consequences of driving without a valid license

Some drivers in New York are charged with traffic offenses that result in a revoked or suspended license. While this consequence for a traffic offense can be inconvenient, it is important for drivers to follow the driving restrictions until the driver's license is reinstated. Unfortunately, some drivers might drive outside of the restrictions and could face charges for driving without a valid license.

Man convicted of misdemeanor receives community service

New York residents who are facing a misdemeanor charge have defense options that could help them avoid harsh penalties like imprisonment. Community service is a possible alternative to incarceration for misdemeanor charges. Moreover, this could help defendants reduce the negative impact a conviction could have on life in general.

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