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Boy brings cocaine to preschool; New York dad faces charges

The impact of a criminal charge can be grave. They not only affect the reputation of the accused, but they could also greatly impact their personal and professional life. Loved ones could be harmed in the process, and a defendant's life could be damaged regardless if they are convicted. This is why it is crucial they take immediate action to construct a defense strategy in an effort to avoid some of the harshest consequences.

New York driver of disabled car faces drug charges

When New York residents travel by car, they face several potential risks. In most cases, this is either an accident or being pulled over for a traffic violation, but most do not consider facing drug charges after a traffic stop. No matter the location or timing of a drug charge, defendants should understand the circumstances of the stop, search and arrest could help with their defense against the changes.

Navigating a drug possession charge in New York

Facing criminal allegations often involves confronting the potential for serious penalties as well as life-impacting consequences. Our law firm understands that being charged with a drug crime can not only carry the potential for serious penalties for New York defendants, but could also cause the accused to endure a damaged personal and professional reputation. In order to initiate a defense and understand the best legal strategy, it is important to analyze all possible defense routes that could lead to reduced or dismissed charges.

New York driver faces drug charges after traffic stop

Residents of New York understand that a traffic stop could have various results depending on chance and other factors. While it is common for the driver to face a citation for a traffic violation, drivers and even passengers could face more serious charges. If officers search the vehicle during a traffic stop, they might uncover evidence such as an illegal substance. This could lead to drug charges and much harsher penalties, which is why drivers should understand their rights in case the search and seizure process was conducted improperly. Devising a strong defense strategy could lead to reduced or even dropped charges.

Defending against drug charges in New York

If you have been arrested on drug charges in New York, you have the right to an attorney and the right to defend against the charges in court. Whether you have been charged with drug possession or drug trafficking, you need an aggressive defense.

New Yorker charged for drug distribution at event last summer

Whether immediately following suspected illegal activity or several years afterwards, an accused individual could be charged with a crime at anytime so long as it fits within the designated statute of limitations for the crime. Being arrested for a crime that occurred over a year ago could present defense challenges. Evidence supporting the defendant's story might be sparse or the details of an incident might not be clear to the accused or witnesses. No matter the situation, an accused individual should always seek to aggressively defend against the charges he or she is facing in order to reduce the potential impact on his or her personal and professional life.

Five arrested in Cohoes for drug crimes

When a suspect is apprehended and charged with a crime, there are various steps that should be taken. Building a strong defense strategy is one of the most important steps. This means understanding that a defendant should understand his or her rights and be fully of aware of the charges filed. This will allow the defendant to take the necessary steps to reduce or drop the charges against him or her.

Five arrested for drug possession at New York senior residence

When there is a suspicion of illegal activities, authorities will seek to have a search warrant issued to search a residence, vehicle or person. If authorized, officers can conduct a search which may uncover evidence that could cause an individual or group of people to face criminal charges. When authorities locate drugs in the possession of a suspect, those suspects could face serious drug charges. Depending on the legality of the search and seizure, those charges could stick and the defendant could face serious penalties.

Traffic stop in New York results in drug charges

When authorities in New York stop a driver, a series of questions will most likely ensue. This could lead to tests to establish impairment or even a frisk to determine alleged hidden dangers. These steps could possibly result in an arrest, especially if contraband is discovered on an individual's person or within his or her vehicle. A simple traffic stop could turn into a drug charge. A driver should therefore be aware of his or her rights during the stop and, if charged for drug possession, he or she should assess their defense options.

Long Island woman arrested for possession in route to music event

When defendants face criminal charges, they often consider how it will affect them currently and in the future. Allegations alone could lead to serious damages to their personal or professional reputation, so it is important that defendants understand their rights when it comes to defending the charges against them. This is an important step to take when an individual is facing a drug charge. Some drug crimes carry serious penalties, so reducing or dropping the charges against the defendant could help them significantly.

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