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Many faces assault charges are alleged road rage accident

In many instances in which there are criminal allegations against a person in Upstate New York, there are numerous different ways they can come about. In some cases, the circumstances are unique to the situation. For example, a person might need to lodge a criminal defense after an incident in which there was no original intent to commit a crime such as in a traffic incident. Regardless of the case, those who have been placed under arrest must make certain that they formulate a strong defense from the start.

Should I negotiate a plea bargain?

Many people across the country, including New York residents, may believe that the only way to protect themselves from criminal charges is to go through the criminal justice system. While this may be true for people who are certain they can clear their name, it might not be the best option for everyone facing criminal charges and fearing a criminal conviction. This is perhaps why most criminal prosecutions in the country do not end up in a criminal trial but instead are finalized through plea bargains.

A look at juvenile criminal procedure in New York

Many New York residents have made mistakes in their youth that they regret. However, some underage people make mistakes that cause more than regret -- they might result in a criminal charge. Although some might see crimes involving minors as not as serious, they can prove to be major ordeals, involving many complexities.

Want to fight a minor offense? You may not want to go alone

It may be tempting, in an effort to save money, to try to navigate the courts by yourself when faced with a lesser charge like a misdemeanor. And of course while representing yourself could in fact lead to a favorable outcome, in many cases, your best chance for success is to team up with a firm familiar with criminal law, to fight the charges on your behalf.

The plea negotiation process and how it could benefit a defendant

Facing a criminal charge can be a difficult spot for New York residents to be in. While the charge may be serious or minor, the aftermath of a criminal conviction means that a defendant will have a criminal record. Therefore, those accused of a crime, no matter how minor, should consider his or her defense options. Because going to court, facing a judge and jury and arguing a case can be intimidating and daunting, some defendants seek defense options that will keep them out of a courtroom as much as possible.

Understanding the basis for a criminal appeal

Going through criminal proceedings can be an emotional and nerve wrecking time. Defendants are often unsure if they are taking the right steps, and they are certainly nervous that the results will be unfavorable. Defendants in New York and other states should note, however, that there are options available to defendants even after a criminal conviction. It is possible to make an appeal for the criminal charge or charges they were convicted of.

What is considered domestic violence in the state of New York?

Although it is common for all families to fight, it is not all right for family member to physically, mentally or emotionally hurt loved ones. In such matters, this could be considered domestic violence. When an individual believes that he or she is a victim of domestic violence, he or she is accusing a loved one of a crime. Facing such a criminal charge does not only mean criminal penalties but could also mean a difficult future with that loved one. It could also mean that that relationship is severed and the accused party will be prevented from contacting that loved one.

Confinement at a juvenile detention facility in New York

When a juvenile is charged with a crime in New York, many questions and concerns can arise. The penalties associated with a juvenile offense can be serious. In cases involving a serious crime a juvenile might be charged as an adult. No matter the severity of the offense, it is important to understand the juvenile justice system and what consequences could result.

Helping you devise a strong defense against criminal allegations

Dealing with criminal allegations could easily be described as being life altering and devastating. Those accused of a crime, no matter the severity, can endure much impact to their life even before setting foot in court. A defendant's personal and professional life can be so severely impacted that the person may not have a community or a job to return to even if the individual is not convicted of a crime. When facing such serious criminal charges, a defendant may feel defenseless; however, even the most severe charges have a criminal defense available.

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