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Traffic Court finds woman not guilty in Google Glass case

In a previous post we wrote about a traffic case involving Google Glass. Though the case was pending in another state, because the technology behind Google Glass will likely impact individuals throughout the nation, including those who live in the state of New York, its outcome is of interest to many. In this post we provide an update on the case.

The woman charged with speeding and driving while a video or TV screen was on, is a software developer who is an "explorer" who received the glasses before they are available to the public for purchase. At the time she was pulled over for the traffic violation of speeding, the woman was wearing the glasses but said they were not on. She pled not guilty to both charges.

Recently a traffic court in San Diego found in her favor. In reaching that decision, the commissioner noted that to be found guilty of the charge concerning the video or TV screen, there had to be proof that the device involved was actually being used by the driver while he or she was operating a vehicle. He determined that there was no proof that the woman was using Google Glass while driving. As a part of that same proceeding the woman was also found not guilty of speeding.

While cellphone use while driving is currently a focus of law enforcement in New York, the widespread use of Google Glass, and similar technologies, by drivers is likely on its way. Though it is currently unclear how the issue will be handled in the state, it is fair to say that most facing these types of charges would probably benefit from the assistance of a lawyer who handles traffic violations.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Cecilia Abadie, California Motorist, Cleared In Google Glass Case," Julie Watson, Jan. 16, 2014

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