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Avoiding Traffic Violations Involving Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Others

Motorists in New York State have plenty of incentive to avoid traffic fines for speeding, using a handheld cell phone or a host of criminal traffic violations. Whether they have to fight a ticket in town court or simply want to reduce the chances that they will ever be pulled over, knowledge current New York traffic laws is a valuable asset.

As summer approaches and non-motorist activity increases, New Yorkers should be aware of two of New York's Vehicle and Traffic Laws that govern sharing streets and roads with inline skaters, pedestrians and cyclists. While drivers must generally remain in the right half of a roadway, drivers cannot drive in that lane under the following circumstances, subject to the right of way of oncoming vehicles:

  • When passing another car
  • When overtaking animals, pedestrians or bicyclists who are in the right half of the road
  • When caused to do so by an obstructions
  • Where shoulder or slope travel is permitted by DOT signs
  • On roads dedicated to three lanes or one-way traffic

A separate provision applies strictly to passing bicycles, and states that drivers must pass to the left of bicyclists "at a safe distance until safely clear thereof." Furthermore, passing on the right is only allowed if the vehicle to be passed is making a left turn or on streets or highways with two or more lanes in one direction, including one-way streets.

Drivers accused of lane violations or other traffic violations can face serious consequences, including the possibility that losing your license could mean losing your job. Fighting to eliminate or reduce points is very much worth the effort for many drivers, and working with a New York speeding ticket defense lawyer can mean that you don't even need to appear in traffic court.

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