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Resolving Tickets on the New York State Thruway

I'm Jim Wagman. I represent drivers — local, commercial, tourist or out-of-state — who got stopped for speeding or other traffic violations on the New York Thruway along I-87, I-90 or any of its other component sections. If you need a lawyer's advice about the best ways to resolve traffic tickets anywhere along the Thruway, contact my office in Catskill for a free consultation.

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With over 30 years of experience defending and resolving traffic violations for clients facing license suspension or revocation, I can tell you about your options for fighting the ticket or compromising the charge for less impact against your driving record. All clients of my law firm can expect prompt and courteous service, personal attention and honest advice about your legal options.

As an attorney who has represented drivers throughout New York State for a long time, I know the Thruway as well as the commercial truckers who have driven it twice a week for years, but in a different way. I know what to expect in the town and city courts where your traffic violations will be heard and determined.

Traffic violations are decided on a highly localized level, and my experience with the different courts along the Thruway route can give you an important advantage. This experience, together with my understanding of the compromise possibilities for particular charges given a driver's record, can help you resolve moving violations on terms that will minimize the impact on your license and your insurance rating.

I represent drivers from anywhere in the United States or Canada who have been charged with traffic violations at any point along the New York State Thruway, including DWI charges. On traffic tickets, you won't need to return to the area to fight the charge. I can represent you on a waiver of appearance and keep you just as closely involved in your case as if you were in my office.

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For more information about my traffic violations defense practice on New York Thruway tickets from western Pennsylvania to Massachusetts or New Jersey, contact the law firm of James M. Wagman in Catskill for a free consultation.