Irondequoit Traffic Violation Lawyer

Monroe County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Traffic violations such as speeding, reckless driving, failing to yield or driving without a license can lead to severe consequences. Drivers face fines, increased insurance premiums or the loss of driving privileges. It is important to work with an attorney who can negotiate with the prosecutor and judge to get your charges reduced or dismissed. In many situations, you will not have to take time off work or leave the comfort of your own home — I can appear in court on your behalf.

I am James M. Wagman, and given my experience as a traffic violation attorney, I can help clients who have received traffic tickets in Irondequoit. I have over 30 years of experience as a defense attorney and prosecutor for the town of Catskill.

The town of Irondequoit is a major suburb of Rochester in Monroe County. With more than 50,000 residents and a number of well-trafficked highways such as NY 104, NY 590 and Route 104 Irondequoit drivers can quickly find themselves facing law enforcement officials.

Irondequoit Town Court

1300 Titus Avenue

Rochester, NY 14617


I have over 30 years of experience providing traffic violation defense to drivers from New York state and Canada. As attorney for the town of Catskill and through all my many years of experience, I understand what it takes to be successful in a local court. For a free consultation, please call my office at 866-901-8742, or contact me online today.