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Four charged for committing drug crimes, linked to overdose cases

When law enforcement officials feel that there is a drug epidemic happening in their state, they often end up cracking down on people suspected of committing drug crimes. They may start making more arrests or charging people with more serious crimes-the end result could be bad news for someone facing drug charges.

Elements of drug manufacturing crimes

Most New York residents likely do not want to be associated with drug crimes. Drug crimes can result in not only hefty fines and potential prison time, they can seriously damage a person's reputation. A person's reputation can be impacted in their personal life, affecting relationships with family and friends. It can also impact a person's professional reputation, causing him or her to lose a job, and making it more difficult to obtain employment in the future. This makes it of the utmost importance to mount a vigorous defense against such charges.

Categories of drug possession laws

When a New York resident is arrested and charged with a drug crime, their life can change in an instant. Drug crimes are very serious and can result in some serious consequences. Not only can a person face fines that can do damage to their bank accounts, they can also risk great damage to their reputations. This can make it difficult to find jobs in the future, or it could harm a person's current career. This is why it is important to do everything possible to fight such a charge.

Sentencing issues for synthetic drug charges

As a previous post highlighted, being charged for a drug possession crime could carry serious penalties. While possessing a large quality of a drug could lead to a drug distribution charge as well, being is possession of a synthetic drug can present some problems when it comes to charging, convicting and even sentencing an accused offender in New York or elsewhere.

What are defenses for drug possession charges?

Residents of New York are aware of the harsh penalties that could result from a drug crime. While the severity of the consequences depends on the drug type and other circumstances, individuals facing drug charges should understand that there are defenses available. These hold true when an individual is accused of drug possession. Whether it is for personal use or with intent to sell, allegations surrounding drug possession can be challenged.

What are the different types of drug crimes?

Being accused of a drug crime is never easy; however, it is important to note that in New York and other states the severity of the crime generally determines the harshness of the penalties. Because there is a wide range of drug charges an offender could be accused of, it is essential to understand the different offenses, the consequences they carry and the available defense options for them.

What are the available defense options for drug possession?

If an individual in New York is accused of a drug crime, the person could face serious penalties. Depending on the type of crime and the type of drug, a defendant could endure harsh penalties and even mandatory minimum sentences if the individual is convicted for drug possession. Whether a motorist was subject to a search following a traffic stop or accident, an individual's home is searched due to reasonable suspicion or the accused's person was searched following suspicion, those accused of drug possession charges have defense options.

17 indicted for largest drug seizure in western New York

As a previous post discussed, mandatory minimum sentences could present harsh penalties for those accused of certain crimes. Because, in some instances, this has caused some offenders to endure serious penalties that outweigh the offense that the person was convicted of, these mandatory minimums have been modified for some lesser crimes. However, if an individual is accused of a serious drug crime, the person can still face the consequences of a harsh penalty, especially if the allegations involve a drug ring crossing state and international borders.

What are the penalties for drug manufacturing in New York?

The manufacturing of methamphetamine is illegal under both federal and state laws, and when individuals in New York are accused of being involved in any step of the illicit drug production process, they are likely to face serious consequences. In most cases, a suspect will face drug charges if they are in possession of a drug; however, the accused could also face charges for being in possession of precursor chemicals, specialized equipment or being documented offering to help manufacture a drug.

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